The man, of itself never looked Horror Movies, knew, what people want: „Blood! it is always Blood. As the people shout“, he said a few years ago. As simple as that sounds recipe, so successful Craven was thus. The American was the most successful horror director of our time, who revolutionized the genre and so created several classics like „The Last House On The Left“, „Scream“ or „A Nightmare On Elm Street“. On Sunday, he is at the age of 76 Years, died in the presence of his family at his home in Los Angeles. The filmmaker was suffering from a brain tumor.

Master of Horror Wes Craven gestorben

Craven wuchs in Cleveland, Ohio in a family of devout Baptists: Alcohol, Tobacco, Card game were banned – and also cinema. With 17 had the later master of horror still dreams and really wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Navy. So a, the lifts right from the aircraft carrier. But with 19 Years seemed Transverse Myelitis, a form of spinal cord inflammation in the way and he was paralyzed for a while chest. For three months, he could not move, lasted a year rehab and it took much longer, until he had fully recovered. So studying the Boy Wesley literature and psychology at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and was later a teacher at the Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y.. active. After Hollywood he came rather by accident. But he remained, invented a whole new genre of film and became one of the most important directors in the last decades.


His first film „Together“ from the year 1971 he turned along with Sean S. Cunningham, the later the cult slasher Jason Voorhees from „Friday the 13th“ created. Craven and Cunningham made his breakthrough with „Last House on the Left“ Early seventies. The until now controversial splatter film revolutionized the way, were filmed in the horror movies and gave the genre through his critical relation to the Vietnam-War an almost political message, With regard to the portrayal of violence and torture. He wrote the book free for a film by Ingmar Bergman and directed: A couple of young manner rape and murder of two girls and the parents take bloody revenge. That was and remained the recipe of Wes Craven and has been copied dozens of times: Revenge! Revenge of victims or their relatives to offenders. And the perpetrators, who are victims, are mostly teenagers – just like the consumers of these films.

Freddy Krueger

His straight and disturbing style he sat 1977 In „The Hills Have Eyes“ (The Hills Have Eyes) Fort. The story of a family, which is hunted and killed in the desert by a pack of mutant cannibals, was an even greater success than „Last House on the Left“. Mid-eighties then managed the final breakthrough Craven, when he was in the nightmare killer Freddy „Nightmare on Elm Street“ brought to the big screen. With the nightmare killer Freddy he brought a new dimension of horror to the screen. Wes Craven let millions of people cringe. The film cost 1984 Just once 1,8 Millions of dollars and played 15 times a. Nine films were shot in total, a TV series and several books and the like. And the main character Freddy Krueger, the man with the blades hands, was from perpetrator to victim to perpetrator, was a cult figure. 1994 He tried with „Freddy’s New Nightmare“ the now diluted by the sequels to the story slasher Freddy bring a worthy end - what by „Freddy vs. Jason“ 2003 was relativized. Year 1996 succeeded with Craven „Scream - scream!“ fill in the totgeglaubte slasher genre with new life. The killer in the Munch mask (Ghost) quickly became a pop icon and the satirical story about a group of youngsters, despite their knowledge of horror films finally perish in the same manner as shown in these films, was a box office hit, financially by the successor „Scream 2“ was even exceeded.


15 Cost millions „Scream“, 17 times he played a. No wonder, that „Scream 2“ not even a year later and then „Scream 3“ and „Scream 4“. Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Rose McGowan, Liev Schreiber, Patrick Dempsey, Jenny McCarthy – no one was too good for Metzelfilme. In addition to his work on „Scream“ Craven also turned „Music of the Heart“, the true story of a music teacher from Brooklyn, with which Craven ventured out from the famous horror Terrain. Meryl Streep has seen an Oscar nomination as best actress. After Craven 2000 With „Scream 3“ the Scream trilogy had finished, , he initially began on Werewolf-Kind, which with „Cursed“ (Cursed) 2005 marked a both financial and artistic letdown. In the same year, however, the king of the butchers was with „Red Eye“, a thriller starring Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy, return to its former shape. With this film, sat the master of horror to a less bloodthirsty, for more psychological horror , signaling a departure from Slashergenre.


„As a horror movie makers I say: I'll show you the absolute truth, and it is bloody and awful and dangerous“, Craven once said. And so was dismembered with him, slashed and hanged, eaten and tortured, all very bloody. Craven probably slaughtered more people than all other directors down, but he did it with style. But he himself actually liked no Horror. The films of his colleagues, he was not looking and even „Alien“ or Mel Gibson's biblical film „Die Passion Christi“ He looked out of the ground, He received Fear, not on! His last work was the television series based on his films „Scream“, where he was, however, only active producer. Craven died Sunday of a brain tumor at his home in Los Angeles with his family, surrounded by Love as it is said in the official statement. He leaves his wife Iya Labunka, with which it has 2004 was married in third marriage.


Thanks Wes for your bloody and profound horror movies! Thank you for your last house links, The Hills Have Eyes and the Swamp Thing! Thanks for all the years with the razor blade of Freddy Krueger! Thanks for the Serpent and the Rainbow, Shocker and People Under the Stairs! We will never forget you „Sultan of Slash“! Thanks for your movies and the violence represented therein, which shaped the current American horror cinema. Your visualization of violence was always realistic and you showed us violence and torture as ugliest form of the human soul, without any stylization and glorification, unlike directors like Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez. If you violence and horror have never been aesthetically or means to an end, they served you for the clear distinction between good and evil. Thanks Wes Craven and to quote one of your characters: „Oh, I was not made for heaven. No, I don’t want to go to heaven. Hell is much better. Think of all the interesting people you’re going to meet down there!“ Thanks Wes, You were a good and I loved your work! We see ourselves, no matter where…..