A man in Guangdong province in southern China came last week on the great idea, his testicles with any „Magnet therapy“ to treat, Whatever always that should be. He used two apparently quite strong magnets – and same thing would happen, what should happen in such a situation as a last resort, He tucked a its eggs between the two magnets. Then he called the fire department and rushed directly to a 10 Man strong squad to. Fucking Magnets!

Man crushed his testicles with magnets

In a Video of the delicate operation, one of the firefighters is seen explaining to the man that they have „never encountered anything like this before“ and are trying to decide who will take responsibility (if something should go Wrong). The understandably impatient man says that he’ll take full responsibility and the rescuers begin setting up to separate the magnets with a hydraulic tool. […] However, doctors quickly found that there is simply no room for the giant hydraulic machine — the magnets are stuck on there too tight.

At a loss for what To Do, doctors even try calling the manufacturer of the magnets. The company proposes that the rescuers try and slide them off. Doctors also rule out this method as too risky. Once again, doctors and firefighters are stuck discussing the best course of action. At this point, the man has had his balls continuously crushed by a pair of magnets for 4 hours and is staring to get annoyed.

fortunately, the firefighters soon realized that the magnets aren’t all that solid. They decided that they could use the hydraulic cutter to break up the magnets into smaller pieces so that they would lose their powerful pull. Following a very delicate operation, they were able to free the man’s balls.

Afterward, a doctor performed a check on the man’s scrotum and found no lasting damage.