Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift and the rest of them currently vying for the future, this is called Augmented times, mal Virtual Reality, mal Mixed Reality. Magic Leap is a mysterious startup, that wants to offer a revolutionary and innovative solution. Irres Video shows the solar system center of the room and a whale in gymnasium and we say: Wow!

Magic Leap | Demos: Everyday Magic with Mixed Reality

Magic Leap has gained more than half a billion dollars in inverse gates funds in recent months, involved have, among other things Google and Qualcomm. Why? That no one really knows, because so far Magic Leap has made a great secret of it, what one actually makes. It was clear only: It is a kind of augmented reality solution, the ever as „Google Glass on steroids“ has been described.

Magic Leap presented with these videos for the first time the real projection of a small robot under my desk and an entire miniature solar system right in the office! Can also be seen, as the virtual sun casts a bright spot on the real table. The manufacturer explicitly points out, that it is no simulation in this Video. The hologram was created directly with its own hardware - without any subsequently added special effects. There should therefore be precisely restarted to an image, that can be implemented according to the current state of the art with Magic Leap. From the hardware used, however, there is still no recording. So how the projections are formed initially remains open. What Magic Leap, however, wants to establish in the future, which you can get an idea, if the Visit the manufacturer's homepage: Namely, since jumps a whale go from the bottom of the sports hall or the office work everyday like Minority Report of the Hand. Wow!

Magic Leap | Original Concept Video