Machine Head vocalist Robb Flynn had lately some hospital stays, u.a. the gallbladder was removed to him there, to get it over with. Now, however, seems to be the current tour for Machine Head frontman not to be under the best rating, Rob has namely the under „Montezuma's Revenge“ trapped known motion sickness, by itself „explosive diarrhea“ expresses. But Robb Flynn would not Robb Flynn, if this would dissuade him from live shows or even a Tour. Instead, he wears just an adult diaper, like the current photo from Flynns intagra-profile proves.

It is not the first time, that Rob is sick shortly before a Machine Head tour. Already 2012 He went on tour, despite suffering from a bladder infection. That was a mistake: „It was on the road just too painful.“ He wanted this error repeat not actually. Now he is, contrary to the recommendation of his doctors, However, yet again on Tour. Opinion with diaper.

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