Yesterday Thursday told cable channel TNT in a press conference with, that you have the rights to the cult program secured and autumn with new „Tales from the Crypt“ will go on the air. Manoj Night Shyamalan overlooking executive produced a two-hour horror-Slot, its core is to be the new series in a classic half-hour format, explicitly based on the old Comics.

m. Night Shyamalan reboots Tales From The Crypt

Publisher William M. Gaines, the father of American „MAD Magazines“ was it, with his Comic-Series „Tales from the Crypt“ Of 1950 to 1955 Youth fascinated and parents, Teachers and overzealous moralists brought to the barricades. Annual 1989 managed the scary tales into the program of HBO, where you could play a trick thanks to its encryption to protect minors and import with sex and violence in bizarre stories seven seasons good odds. The original series was virtually unwatchable this country and mutilated by Youth Guardian censors, but the issue is likely thanks to Gore today in „The Walking Dead“ but be off the table, quite apart from the alternative distribution channels times…

Producer of the new horror stories is the Oscar-nominated Manoj Night Shyamalan, who grew up with the former HBO series and can not wait, to push back with this popular brand the boundaries of television. Shyamalan will at least for the first episode also directing and also be responsible for about four more series projects with his production company Binding Edge Pictures, which are currently being planned.

m. Night Shyamalan reboots Tales From The Crypt

I do not know quite, what to make of it. Shyamalan is inszenatorisches Talent, unless it can omit the pretentious frills, for hidden messages and subversive elements brings the horror genre all by itself with. Virtually all of his films suffer for long duration, most clearly is the case „The Happening“. Absolutely fantastic TRAILER, great start and from the half verreckt the film in bedeutungsschwangerem nonsense. The problem is likely with a fun horror format as Tales from the Crypt but rather emerge.

But immediately the first bad news for Reboot, the Crypt Keeper which was voiced by John Kassir, is not doing, because HBO owns the rights to. TNT president Kevin Reilly has but quite an idea for a new „Cryptkeeper“. The figure in the form of a living skeleton was born in the comics and performs as narrator in the stories a. She was a creepy doll even with HBO in use and is virtually the mascot of the series. More details would not reveal Reilly.

as well as always, for you there following a playlist of 1. Season in stock. Have fun!