„Tito & Tarantula“ are a legend. To that extent they have with „The Legendary“ from Munich a trio in the ongoing tour supporting this, which refers to the main act and at the own legend certainly needs to work even. Tito & Tarantula are on their „Lost Tarantism Tour“ traveling in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. at the 17. April the band released also their classic "Tarantism" including bonus material as well as the completely new panel „Lost Tarantism“ with previously unreleased songs from the Tarantism studio sessions from the year 1995. at the 24. April were Tito and his band guest at Z7 and offered there full program!

Lost Tarantism - Tito & Tarantula im Z7

Born in Mexico and the son of a trapper grew up in the Alaskan wilderness, begann Tito Larriva's Karriere in Los Angeles. With the „Plugz“ and later the „Crusaders“ took this fast ride on. A Top 10 Single and a cover on the Billboard magazine later was part of Larriva L.A. Music and movie scene of the 80s. In rehearsal room next door, the Red Hot Chili Peppers made their first steps. Emmylou Harris, Jeff Porcaro (the late lamented Toto drummer) were his neighbors. At the same time, the acting career of trained ballet dancer began. After debut „All“ In the „Pee-Wee Herman Show“ (1981) he worked with Patrick Swayze (Roadhouse), Johnny Depp (Once Upon A Time In Mexico), Antonio Banderas (Desperados 2), with Mel Gibson and Milla Jovovich in Wim Wenders' „The Million Dollar Hotel“, DAVID BYRNE (True Stories), Cheech Marin (Born In East LA), the Oscar-winning short film „Session Man“ and R. Rodriguez (Grindhouse) and wrote music for over 50 Movie (u.a. „Machete“ 2010) and TV series.

Lost Tarantism - Tito & Tarantula im Z7

The launch of Tito & Tarantula war Robert Rodriguez‘ Range of „From Dusk Till Dawn“ (1995) cooperate. The legendary performance as Vampire-House Band „Titty Twister“-Bar and the worldwide success of the film brought the band for the first time to Europe. The Europa release of debut album „Tarantism“ followed 1997. In addition to the classic songs from „From Dusk Till Dawn“, „After Dark“ and „Angry Cockroaches“, is „Tarantism“ a contemporary document of numerous studio sessions and covers a period of 10 Years of creative work with the best musicians and producers, The L.A. has to offer. Tito & Tarantula originated from musicians of the weekly session, the Larriva under the name Tito & Friends organized with always outstanding musicians of the LA scene. In addition is the guitarist Steven Hufsteter said of the, he had Bob Dylan's offer, enter his band rejected, was the band with top notch artists like the drummers Alfredo Ortiz (Beastie Boys) and Rafael Gayol (A-Ha, Leonard Cohen) in Europa, Asia North, and South America on tour.

The Legendary

20 Years, countless concerts 4 Studio albums later, the re-release of the debut album appears classics „Tarantism“ with a number of previously unreleased bonus tracks. Produced by Robert Rodriguez and David Tickle (Blondie, U2), included in the best studios of L.A. is „Tarantism“ a contemporary document, the almost 10 Years Larrivas‘ documented creativity. Newly remastered and with a number of new and previously also live never presented tracks from the same recording session-Tarantism, a good reason, Under the motto „Lost Tarantism“ Now to go back on tour. These could guitarist and founding member Peter Atanasoff again, of in „From Dusk Till Dawn“ see is, be obtained, the already over 16-year-old prodigy with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band has toured around the world. Even the drummer Johnny „Vatos“ Hernandez, famous by Oingo Boingo and of course from the Titty Twister, is pushed back to the band, the anniversary on stage to celebrate with. On bass you will be able to see Tito's daughter Lolita Carrol Larriva, continues the tradition of such musical Larriva family.


The Z7 was certainly not quite sold out, But with the beginning of the gigs of Tito & Tarantula shortly after 21 Pm but well filled. Now, however, only one after the other, first entered „The Legendary“ the stage. Thorsten Rock (guitars & Vocals), Stefan Tönjes (drums) and Robin Matteo (bass) bring visitors the Pratteler Z7 with her - even that title - „Old School Rock“ forty minutes on good operating. With songs like „Last of our days“, „I Wish I Had a Beer as Cold as Your Heart“, „Hardrock Hotel“, „If I Was a Girl“ and „Pirates“ Preheat the audience ein.Das really works for this fairly new band, which until the year 2014 formed and just can not fall back on countless sound carriers, immaculately. A power trio with great own song material and a great stage presence, which can easily entrain. A really cool home in the evening and the fans are so well prepared for the main act.

Lost Tarantism - Tito & Tarantula im Z7

After a brief renovation period entered for a longer-established instrumental intro Tito Larriva and the band's stage and put equinumerous los. The boss calls his band later his family. Of course, he is friendly as a singing frontman, but determines the tone. Dark Grey Suit, immaculate leather shoes, dark glasses, tied hair to short ponytail. This is how a family head from, extending twenty years after the cult film „From Dusk Til Dawn“ has strayed from the Mexican desert in the Basel Z7. Peter Atanasoff remembering that night with his features something on Ray Liotta and I do not know, how many times I already have the original line-up with the Iroquois Johnny „Vatos“ Hernandez could see on the drums. long has it been, But though always I had the opportunity, see band, I have attended their concerts. The beautiful daughter Lolita Carrol Larriva on bass, the German multi-instrumentalist Marcus Praed, alternately on guitar and keyboards, Alyssa Grace an Violine, Mandolin and various percussion instruments were able this evening to convince.

Lost Tarantism - Tito & Tarantula im Z7

Was offered a program, extending from the published again Debut „Tarantism“ and the newly released „Lost Tarantism“ served. Overall a fantastic and sometimes sweaty for the evening concert audience, after „After Dark“ and a variety of dancing fans on stage with the addition „Angry Cockroaches“ shortly after 11 Clock comes to an end. A great evening with a bomb mood and a band, it clearly made fun on stage to. The Dirty, Mexican-themed Desert Rock with his „twanggy“ Guitars, the filthy song and the punky, sweaty stage performance acts repeatedly follows authentic, that is indeed the „Titty Twister“ mentioned. Simply without Salma Hajek, their performance in the film nor the icing on the cake, or rather the show of „Tito & Tarantula“ Product, but the band around Tito also comes very well without such show elements and heated the audience and so powerful.


  1. Smiling Karen
  2. Slippin‘ & Slidin‘
  3. Back to Mexico
  4. Jokes on Me
  5. Damn Good Day to Die
  6. Back to the House
  7. Sweet Cycle
  8. Jupiter
  9. See You on the Way Down
  10. Wild Love
  11. Navajo in a Ufo
  12. Cry in the Night
  13. Killing Just for Fun
  14. In My Arms Tonight
  15. Gimme Respect
  16. After Dark
  17. Encore:

  18. Angry Cockroaches
Lost Tarantism - Tito & Tarantula im Z7
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