OK, OK, I am a „bit“ late, the TRAILER has been around for a few days. But I still want to pack an here. Not that anyone thinks afterwards, I would want to embezzle. Theatrical release is actually the 23. March:

15 Years have passed, since Stefan (Lucas Gregorowicz) his hometown Würzburg has turned his back. Actually he wanted to fulfill the dream, to open a beach in the Caribbean. Instead, he has made a career and is now close to Dubai before, the tough businesswoman Yasemin (Melanie Wininger) to marry, whose father was one of the most influential manner the Emirates is. However, he needs even his birth certificate, he needs to pick up in Germany. No thing. Short fly in and right back out. Thinks Stefan. But then he meets his old friend Kai (Moritz Bleibtreu) Back, with which it has at that time operated the cannabis Pizza Delivery "Lammbock". Kai now lives in a small family and is reflected by a new Asia-Delivery, which he calls "Lommbock". With a common joint problems begin unimagined. And suddenly flies both their lives, as they know it, belonging to the ears: The past kicks sometimes delayed.