Lemmy Kimister was a great musician, but as he was also an avid gamer. And so one thing leads to another, and there was the „Lemmy Kilmister Tribute Möd„, with which you can rattle not only with the young Lemmy through the area, You can also drop from the sky by pressing a button a puff or drunk you or a hooker - it would have liked Lemmy.

Weapons There are no special, but one can have recourse to the conventional. But Lemmy can always spawn a customized machine or play the guitar. The thing is a very young version 1.0 and for each open Removal. Here are some new clothes, Boot, Weapons from the first two world wars and Lemmy's favorite tank and the two character-warts, which are known to be yes fibroids. A middle finger there for Jack Daniels, wanted the money (!), so their product is placed. Here you get the mod files and provides on GitHub Davide Violante all data to continue building available.


(via Schlecky)