Zombies, Blood and Rick Grimes is exactly, was die Fans an „The Walking Dead“ love. it is always To see exciting again, who crosses the path of Rick – and as soon as one begins to know a character and to like him best, – BAM! – we must see, how they die a cruel death before our eyes. But what this former TV stars do today?

When we at the last 6 Stagger look back, we note, that an enormous number of characters needed to let life. Because many were there, which had to and not much to offer in the series' history. But there were also those, which had been obtained in the course of the series somehow loving – and were still not spared and had to die. But what these actors do today?

Emily Kinney – Beth

life after death: WasEmily Kinney makes today
After Beth shock exit from TWD in Season 5 Kinney has recurring roles as Nora in period drama „Masters Of Sex“ and as a nurse Daisy Ryan in the hospital series „The Knick“. This year, she was already at the Hallmark Movie „Love On The Sidelines“ to see and it is also one of the stars in the upcoming ABC drama „Conviction“.

madison Lintz – Sophia

life after death: What Madison Lintz makes today
Madison was only 12 Years old, as it as the little Sophia lost her life in TWD and this was probably one of the most memorable moments of the series. Since then she has had minor roles in two films, im Fantasy-Thriller „After and family“ and in the family comedy „Parental Guidance“. Last year she was on the side of her former colleagues TWD Scott Wilson (see below in the list) in the cop show „Bosch“ to see.

Jon Bernthal – Shane

life after death: What Jon Bernthal makes today
Bernthal, who played in TWD Shane, Ricks fearless friend / enemy, ist seit er die Serie verlassen hat äusserst beschäftigt. He has since been in the TV shows „Mob City“ and „Show Me A Hero“ to see, had leading roles in films such as „Grudge Match“, „Fury“ and „We Are Your Friends“ and was in the reviews „The Wolf of Wall Street“ celebrated. This year we can do it in the Netflix series „Daredevil“ in the recurring role of „Punisher“ see, and in four other films appearing, including „The Accountant“ and „Pilgrimage“.

David Morrissey – The governor

life after death: What makes David Morrissey today
had to die since his role as favorite psychopath in TWD, has not done much with him. However, we can look forward to a starring role in the upcoming British thriller „The Ones Below“ please, which premiered at last year's Toronto International Film Festival and enjoys a widespread release this month.

Scott Wilson – Hershel

life after death: What Scott Wilson makes today
TWD is one of over 50 projects, in which Wilson was acting, in TWD he played from the 2. to 4. Season the widowed Hershel. Last year, he was able to continue his career with the police drama „Bosch“. this year we can do it in the A&E Series „DAMIEN“ and Netflix Drama „The OA“ see.

Jeffrey DeMunn – Dale

life after death: What Jeffrey DeMunn makes today
DeMunn was a brilliant moral compass in TWD. Since the show, he was in a number of TV dramas such „Chicago Fire“, „The Good Wife“, „Mob City“, „The Affair“ and „The blacklist“ seen as a guest star. He also played in two theater productions and the comedy-drama „Adult Beginners“ With.

Laurie Holden – Andrea

life after death: What Laurie Holden makes today
Following her role as Andrea Holden made guest appearances on „Major Crimes“, „Chicago Fire“ and three films, including „The Abolitionists“ and „Dumb and Dumber To“. It is also part of the Operation Underground Railroad, a volunteer organization, which aims, children- or to arrest traffickers.

The Chad. Coleman – Tyreese

life after death: Was Chad L. Coleman makes today
In the 5. Season of the series had a Coleman emotional exit. He now has a recurring role in the science fiction drama series „The Expanse“ set.

Sarah Wayne Callies – Lori

life after death: What Sarah Wayne Callies makes today
This is a big year for Wayne Callies, the former wife of Rick, which met a lot of fans do not love in. She's next horror film „The Other Side of the Door“, as well as in „This Is Your Dead“ to see. She is also in the science fiction TV drama „Colony“, in the role of Katie…

Michael Rooker – Merle

life after death: What makes Michael Rooker today
Rooker had a long and varied career behind him, before he even took on the role of the mad Merle for TWD. After leaving the show, He was hired for three films, like the biopic „Bolden!“, the horror Thriller „The Belko Experiment“ and „Guardians Of The Galaxy“.

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