Leatherface - Poster

Lions Gate Films brings this fall and winter one of the most well horror-Icons ever, the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface back in his first eponymous adventure to the movies. While we captured on the speedy TRAILER-wait Premiere, wanted it to producer Christa Campbell not let take, previously set us a further snapshot on the return Merciless Cult Killers. And which promises to be one of the most brutal and ruthless Chapter, it so far in „The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“ has given. But not least the commitment of the two French Genre experts Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo as ensures behind relevant genre titles „Inside“ or „Livid“. The promises: „The biggest difference to ‚The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The beginning‘ is, that we go back even further to the beginnings of the character and show a part of the teenage years. Our film is basically a brutal and disillusioned Road movie, that brings an entirely new narrative for use within the TCM universe.“ We are excited!

Leatherface - New images and posters from the film