at the 10. April 2016 were once again the MTV movie awarded Awards. In addition to the award of a different film awards, the event also served the major movie studios to, to present new material on upcoming blockbusters. So even Warner has taken the opportunity, a Video of the filming of the upcoming action adventure „Kong: Skull Island“ to publish, in which the leading actors Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston and „Straight Outta Compton“-Stars Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell to speak and provide an insight into the production. The film is set on 9. March 2017 come to our cinemas. Then it is in the film already hidden references to King Kong Monster-Colleagues Godzilla give, to which the giant ape expected 2020 im Crossover „Godzilla vs. Kong“ to meet. Monster Moderately it comes with „Godzilla 2“ In 2018 more.

With "Kong: Skull Iceland "staged Jordan Vogt-Roberts a new story to the iconic movie monster King Kong. Secured information to accurately plot are currently still very rar. As the following look behind the scenes but confirmed, is the story to be settled shortly before or after the end of the Vietnam War in the '70s. A group under the leadership of former British soldier James Conrad (Hiddleston) embarks at that time on the eponymous island, to find Conrad's brother and a mysterious serum. They found out personally to all sorts of strange creatures and last but not least on the giant ape. In addition to these actors then include even Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Mann, Toby Kebbell and John Goodman for illustrious line.