With ignorance can be pretty good hide, under what circumstances the cheap clothes are produced. And even if you knew, who your 2 Euro Shirt sewed and under what circumstances – Would you buy the T-shirt? Every now and then comes a small scandals, that yes, the staff in such stores not much merit and is thereby also spoken of the very same clothing production, but really is repression but to deal the drug of choice so that.

In Berlin, a machine was set, showing when buying a cheap Shirts, how and by whom it was produced precisely and makes it apparently also a guilty conscience and gives us hope, that people are not so cold up, how to always gladly accepts. The passes like in a guided tour of the slaughterhouse and a sausage factory at least in the short term the appetite for sausage. Thus resulting increased transparency in other areas of irritation, where one constant consumption stimuli is used without Nachdenkpausen.

If only there were only more products in such machines, as Video. Clearly it is tragic, that some consumers only come by being too blatant display of human suffering on the funnel, that there maybe something goes wrong. But apparently it does this kick in the ass halt. If we are in any case directly confronted with the consequences of our actions, is already clear, that we choose not so arschige behavior, But this foresight projects known does not go beyond my narrow circle of acquaintances. Would you then press the button, who gives you a million euros, but it kills any old people?

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The 2 Euro T-Shirt - A Social Experiment