Eine hübsche Kunststudentin muss merken, as, if the social web is totally unsocial. And although it has seemingly everything, was man zum selbstbewussten Leben benötigt, wird ihre Psyche angeknackst und das ständige Herumpöbeln meisselt ihre seelische Skulptur nach und nach ab. A strong statement of site wordscansave.me, die weitere Geschichten und interaktiv aufbereite Informationen über Cyber-Mobbing und dessen Folgen bereit hält.

Our main objective was tho show adults that bulling has evolved. While they are used to think about bulling as something that every teenager has to go through, the times have changed. Cyberbullying has become a real threat, that can lead to irreversible phycological damage and even death. It’s not that the new generation is “soft”, it’s that cyberbullying can be a lot harder, than ‚traditional‘ bulling.