What Hollywood actor Johnny Depp with „The Walking Dead“ doing? That and some more exciting and funny details to follow 12 betrayed TWD co-producer Greg Nicotero in an interview.

Johnny Depp hatte einen Gastauftritt in "The Walking Dead" Squadron 6

While we and especially the series figures had to laugh in the first series of the first rather gloomy Apocalypses series little, at least since the current sixth season always more time for humorous moments. Starting with Daryl's usually quite cynical comments, about Eugene's absolutely awkward behavior towards Women, to scenes, where one would probably expect at the very least Humor, such as in the last episode, where one of the guards in his hand Gregory „Head“ stuck and made to puppeteer. Co-producer and artist Greg Nicotero now told in an interview with Entertainment Weekly more about the filming of episode 12 and thereby revealed some interesting details about that „Head“.

Johnny Depp hatte einen Gastauftritt in "The Walking Dead" Squadron 6

On the back issue, he us about making those three Gregory Walker heads episode 12 could tell, said Greg Nicotero:

Somehow it is very funny, because many people ask me, how many guest appearances as I Walker himself because in the series have. Now, the head of Gregory is in truth a cast of my own head! As had been Xander Berkeley for the role of Gregory cast, we did not have enough time, to bring him to Los Angeles, a cast of his head & to turn it into a dummy. Therefore I sent pictures of him and said to, ‚Here you have an image of actor. Let's see, what we have in stock so, the Xander looks as similar as possible.‘ And in the end it was a cast of my own head. This head, he [Rick] then picks up at the end, So is my own fake head!

Had you known him? Where the similarity to Xander Berkeley Gregory solely by the tousled hair Walker is really striking! Only the nose did not fit quite – but since fortunately knew Rick a solution ... What Greg Nicotero but then betrayed yet on the other two heads, which were lying on the floor in front of Rick, let us pretty smile:

One of the two other heads – I do not know, if I still get in trouble, if I say that – was that of Johnny Depp. I think, we had even prepared for any occasion a somewhat emaciated version of a dummy and took also Johnny Depp's head as a template for the clay. I can not unfortunately remember, who was the third, but I can tell, I am in good company!

Johnny Depp hatte einen Gastauftritt in "The Walking Dead" Squadron 6

Who would have thought, that Johnny Depp once a – albeit more involuntary – Guest appearance on „The Walking Dead“ would have. The Scene, as the second guard of Saviors then finally sticks his hand in the supposed head of Gregory and imitating him, is just funny and find not only we viewers. „I laughed so, when we were shooting the scene“, also gave Nicotero against EW and declared, this is for him „one of the funniest moments of this season“ been. Well then, let's hope, that will not be neglected at the gloomy outlook, the comic moments…

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