Friends, you have Jigsaw Missing? In the following TRAILER returns the dreaded cult killer from SAW back and puts his deadly game in the match Halloween 2017 starting „Jigsaw“ Fort. have Conceived which the two US Genre professionals Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, the presentation of which even at Sorority Row or Piranha 3D were used. The cast includes Laura Vandervoort (ask), Hannah Anderson (Lizzie Borden Took an Ax), Mandela Van Peebles (Roots), Son of director and actor Mario Van Peebles, and of course, Tobin Bell. Again unsuspecting victims fall into the clutches of John Kramers entourage and must play for their lives in deadly traps literally. The city is littered with cruel disfigured corpses. The investigation quickly lead to an old friend: John Kramer (Tobin Bell). But the man, the well „Jigsaw“ is called, to be dead for more than a decade. But then who is behind the killings? Is one of his students become the teachers and continues Jigsaw's legacy? Infected probably one of the investigators behind the terrible murders? The games have begun.