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It is recalled that after the Spielberg-hit of the year 1975 turned three sequels, one even then in 3D. After the fourth, sehr dünnen Aufguss „Jaws: The Revenge“ was the series 1987 pulped. the TRAILER hier zählt aber munter auf, what happened next. In „Jaws 7“ Floating eg cyber-sharks to mischief, In „Jaws 8“ are there Hai-Robot, In „Jaws 10“ verbünden sich die Haie mit den Menschen und kämpfen gegen noch viel schlimmere Meeresungeheuer. In „Jaws 15“ there is a Russian named Ivan Hai Sharkovski and there is a sadomasochistic shark in an episode entitled „Fifty States of Grey“. Subsequently 18 the series is once again launches new. And now, In „Jaws 19“, it is thus „Really, really personal“…

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Jaws 19 - TRAILER