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Heavy Metal Legend James Hetfield announced, he METALLICA leaves, to start a new career in Nashville. He has over 30 Years a member of Metallica and has pretty much done with this band all in the music business. Now it was time, break new ground. Fans are shocked, a source close to the band told, that this step was a long time in preparation.

James Hetfield verlässt Metallica und kündigt das Country Album "Hetfield Road" an

*It's time for me to go and refocus on my rural roots“ so the statement of Hetfield. His debut album will be released in June and its first appearance it will have on the Grand Ole Opry in July. Hetfield was seen in blue jeans and cowboy boots by paparazzi in Los Angeles while shopping recently. In an interview about his decision, the band Leave, sagt Hetfield, that he in „his heart“ even during „four or five shots Metallica“ a Country-singer. He obviously means less heavy-heavy albums by Metallica, where Hetfield's vocal performances remember already heavily to modern Country.

„Hetfield Road“ was recorded last fall and was kept secret since somehow before the fans. expected, that this debut album is a big commercial success, since the album also guest appearances by Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Phil Anselmo and Eminem contains. According to a press release, the album will be sold together with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey. Fans can also „VIP – Edition“ purchase, Which 100% includes authentic tears of Hetfield, which have flowed, while his new single „My wife left me and my dog died“ has received.

James Hetfield verlässt Metallica und kündigt das Country Album "Hetfield Road" an
(via Heavier Metal)