Mike Rowe makes the Discovery Channel, the Craftsman Series „Dirty Jobs“ and taking care of the way a foundation. Even this did James Hetfield talking in a cafe with the moderator. Rowe, which in his own words „very good at names and faces“ can remember, came with Hetfield this week – and did not recognize the musicians initially. What happened next, is pure slapstick.

Every James Hetfield "Yeah"

Somehow Rowe did not simply point, with whom he had to do it because. He did not recognize the singer, initially situate him in a „local band“ and mistook him, after it was clear, that he a METALLICA-Member spoke, Lars Ulrich. Rowe now has one on his personal blog open letter of apology published on James Hetfield and his niece was also present Sohpia, in the u.a. the short conversation is summarized as memory protocol. This reads as follows:

out, later tomorrow. A large man with many tattoos and dark sunglasses comes across the street to the table, where Mike Rowe al fresco eating and drinking Mimosas.

large, tattooed man: „Excuse me, You are Mike Rowe, properly?“

Mike Rowe: „The I am.“

large, tattooed man: „I just wanted to tell, I like their shows and I think it's great, what they do for the craft.“

Mike Rowe, having calmed his barking dog: „Apology. Are you from here?“

large, tattooed man: „I live here and Sophia comes from Argentina.“

Mike Rowe: „That's great, what part?“

Sophia: „Buenos Aires“

Mike Rowe: „Since I was a few years ago. Beautiful city.“

Sophia: „And, that's true.“

Mike Rowe: „Also, what are you doing here?“

large, tattooed man: „I play in a local band.“

Mike Rowe: „Cool! I Love local Bands. Which type Music?“

large, tattooed man: „Rock’n’Roll“

Mike Rowe: „Super! What do you call yourselves?“

large, tattooed man: „METALLICA!“

Mike Rowe: „Oh my god! Naturally! You are Lars Ulrich. Excuse me. I heard, they around here Live. What a pleasure to meet them!“

large, tattooed man: „Actually, my name is James. James Hetfield!“