It does not think, it does not feel, it does not give up. It follows. Where it does not follow any, but always only one person - and that person is just Jay. It follows her, because she has slept with Hugh. She has been infected with him. It is a sexually transmitted curse, the one will only get rid of, if one transfers it to another person. After Hugh was so nice, Educate Jay after sex on the curse: It may take the form of known as well as unknown persons you, only you can see it, it does not run, but it moves resolutely towards you - and when it gets hold of you, then you're dead.

„It Follows“ is the second feature film by American director David Robert Mitchell, whose debut „The Myth of the American Sleepover“ five years ago was released. The low-budget production told the summer a group of teenagers in the endless suburbs of Detroit, their concerns and needs, Looking for Love. „It Follows“ is quasi the nightmarish unofficial sequel. Ein Coming-of-Age-Drama, in which not only growing up puts the figures on the fur. But Mitchell takes his time. With the first, in a single round swivel almost angeber way perfectly twisted scene, He sets the tone. A girl runs at dawn only panic on the streets, then back to the parental home, herauszustürmen a few seconds later from the door, to sit down in the car and davonzurasen screeching from the Invisible Threat.

How else only John Hughes and Larry Clark has the rare talent Mitchell, To stage credible adolescents than adolescents, but he manages it well, to create tension with pictures, where not even very much happening. The camera is constantly doing, scan the environment, perhaps to take in the background a person in focus, so that one is constantly busy as a spectator with the question, whether it is simply just a harmless passer or the affectionate demon. Which does not mean, that the horror would be manageable. „It Follows“ is over long distances almost nervenzerfetzend. Jay controls unerringly toward the nervous breakdown, what of the fantastic, is also clearly well underlined to John Carpenter ajar soundtrack Disasterpeace. What can be done? Where should you flee? What is the solution?

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