Batman is Gotham's Dark Knight and is not only the grim avenger of all, the cruel crimes have fallen victim, no, more recently, the bat also cares for stomach problems. Have you eaten too much? Or anything wrong? Do not worry, Batman helps. But one must, however, a little further Travel, more specifically to „Six Flags Fiesta“-Freizeitpark in Texas. Namely, there is a new roller coaster was recently opened, on the little startling name „Batman: The Ride“ heard. What the thing to creative naming missing, makes it a hundred times offset by the madness of its construction.

In there you sit in a mix of Batarang and Batmobile-spoilers, during which the still rotate when driving around its own axis. What has before that plagued the stomach, is likely to be history after a ride in this thing and the face of your background- decorate or wingman. Na na na na na na na nah, Batman!