In the „Iron Sky“ turned 2012 out, that the Nazis who survived the Second World War on the dark side of the moon and were waiting for the right time their return. In the second part of absurd science fiction spectacle by director Timo Vuorensola, „Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race“, it seems the moon to go himself to the collar. But there is a retreat inside the earth. However, instead of a dark Hellmouth she expected a gorgeous fantasy world and of course Adolf Hitler, greets you riding his T-Rex Blondie. If you had to shake his head in this set already, listens to you, how the film is described on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo:

Just like Iron Sky was The Coming Race of Pulp science fiction of the early 20. Century inspired. There will be crazy concepts and an incredible sculptural world with dinosaurs and aliens. This time the focus will be more on adventure and discovery. Simply Imagine a mixture of Iron Sky and Indiana Jones on a safari through the Jurassic Park before.

„Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race“ is currently rotated in Antwerp. The film is, as well as the first part, financed to a large extent on crowdfunding. About the website Indiegogo the filmmakers were able to hitherto 617'857 US dollars for the project collect. When exactly is Timo Vuorensolas fight against Adolf Hitler and his dinosaur army in German cinemas, not yet known.

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IRON SKY 2 Trailer [2016] | HD