Diese fast einstündige Dokumentation von Planet Knowledge über YouTube als Fernsehersatz beleuchtet nicht nur lustige Katzenvideos, but also a lot of critical sites, a subsidiary of Google equally entails. The problem with YouTube is but really more in the video content, the meantime – at least for the major carriers – bogged down in always the same formats. It is actually tried virtually nothing new, because you want to play it safe and Fear has, fewer clicks than to collect otherwise. Exactly as in the television. Für mich ist YouTube von daher nicht auf das Niveau des Fernsehens gestiegen – but fell to the level of the television…

The video portal YouTube is in this year, ten years old. Was als Spielplatz für Video-amateurs started, has now become a relevant information- grown and entertainment platform. But what exactly is actually YouTube? Who are the people behind the video? Was für Inhalte produzieren sie? And who profits from it?

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