The smart in-ear headphones „Pilot“, at present by New York start-up „Waverly Labs“ is developed, promises unprecedented opportunities. The small high-tech gadget is to function as a true interpreter and different languages, you can not understand even, translating immediately and directly during a conversation in real time to the user. How the Universal Translator from Star Trek - Only in real!

In-ear headphones translated conversations in real time

„Imagine, they would live in a world, in which there are no more language barriers“, advertises Waverly Labs. Conviction of According to the manufacturer, this vision could become a reality soon. „Pilot is the first smart headphones in the world, is capable of, a conversation between two people, who speak a different language, to translate in real time“, say it in the relevant product description. Exactly how the small innovative high-tech helper works in practice, however, explains nowhere concretely. „We are moving on the section line between wearable technology and machine-assisted translations“, so the very general description. The developers are noisy Telegraph report deliberately restrained. „One of our technicians met with a French girl and wanted to be able to communicate with her“, describe it the background for genesis.

So the gadget will initially only a few languages, beginning English, French, Spanish and Italian, able to process. Only later will follow then other. „In its first generation, the real-time translation will also only function, if both parties wearing the headphones“, it acknowledges at Waverly Labs. Who is now convinced, despite the still very scarce information about the potential of the pilot headset, can on the website of the manufacturer as early as the 25. May make a pre-order. Using the Crowd-funding site Indiegogo, where soon a separate campaign to finance the production of smart gadgets to be started, one can deposit an appropriate order.

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