The toilet is probably the place in each apartment with most feelings, about but hardly anyone speaks. Blame only the social taboos and a little personal feeling of disgust. Yet it is also nice, when you can share the liberating feeling afterwards with other. On the other side there are truly beautiful, as the dish - and it was only my own - clean. Yet the toilet to the things heard in life, which we know to value much too little. At the latest after a partying Night and subsequent „I let that again all go through the head“ but you know, that ultimately is the dish of the only true friend, of a stand by in such a situation.

Thus, it fits well for Atmospheric user and used, there are now Il­lu­mi­Bowl, fancy LED-Licht-Ge­döns, that the bowl enveloped the matching light. Simply put the small box as a Klostein hung on the bowl and one feels at large and small business in the right light. At the latest at the next party you are thus talking point 1. And if you take the next date with home, it may only be a success, that is safe…

There is no lon­ger any need to stum­ble around in the dark; turn on blin­ding mid­ni­ght lights; fall in the toi­let; or aim in the dark and make a mess! Fi­nal­ly!

You can set your Il­lu­mi­Bowl to any sin­gle color or co­lor-ro­ta­te (Red, Oran­ge, Green, Teal, blue, Pur­p­le, Pink, white). Your Il­lu­mi­Bowl color chan­ging night light will make your toi­let bowl glow every time you walk into your ba­throom at night.

Your Il­lu­mi­Bowl Toi­let Light is light sen­si­ti­ve so it will only turn on in the dark; and mo­ti­on ac­tiva­ted so that it will only light up when you walk into the ba­throom at night. It’s suc­tion cups and ad­jus­ta­ble arm allow you to cust­om fit it to your toi­let so that it will fit per­fect and dis­creet­ly out of the way on your toi­let no mat­ter it’s shape or size. To clean off your il­lu­mi­bowl sim­ply wipe it off with wet wipes, a damp cloth, or wha­te­ver you al­re­a­dy use to clean off your out­ter bowl. Pee happy! Pee safe! Pee Free!