„I Am Not A Serial Killer“ based on the novel by Dan Wells from the year 2009. At the premiere at this year's South By Southwest Film Festival adaptation joined already plenty of positive feedback. Especially the atmosphere and the performance of the two main characters Max Records and Christopher „Doc Brown“ Lloyd could convince many critics. In Thriller tries a teenager, to resist his bloodlust, but when he meets a real killers, this is much more complicated. The 15-year-old John Wayne Cleaver („Where the Wild Things Are live“-Child Star Max Records) feels pretty lost in his world. When diagnosed sociopath he must contend with the constant desire, other people do anything to. But he has himself some strict Rules imposed, which will prevent him from, to become a murderer. When, however, actually a serial killer in his small town is on the loose, Johns has aroused fascination. He quickly suspected, that his neighbor Mr opaque. Crowley (Christopher Lloyd) behind it all. But the more he deals with the old man, the more his own inner demons appear to pave the way to the surface. In U.S.&A has the indie thriller directed by Billy O'Brien („Isolation“) a limited theatrical release on 26. August, a release date for us is not yet known.

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I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) Trailer (HD) Christopher Lloyd