Here the promising TRAILER Go to film „I Am Not A Serial Killer“ von Billy O’Brien mit dem Jungdarsteller Max Records, known from the short film „Blinky“ and Spike Jonze's adaptation of „Where the wild things are“. This has now left his childhood behind and seems to be next to the exciting plot, the main attraction of the film. Long time no one has to wait, the film is already on 26. August über VoD in unsere Heimkinos.

Sixteen-year-old John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records, Where the wild things are) is not a serial killer—but he has all the makings of one. Keeping his homicidal tendencies and morbid obsessions with death and MURDER in check is a constant struggle that only gets harder when a real serial killer begins terrorizing his Sleepy Midwestern town. Now, in order to track down a psychopath and protect those around him, John must unleash his darkest inner demons. Based on The Cult novel by Dan Wells, this twisted, genre-bending thriller co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Breaking Bad’s Laura Fraser.