The first „Descpicable Me“-Film has been described by so many to be so funny, my expectations were so high - and I was disappointed Doll. boring, bad pace, not even the jokes for children were good. The second part, I have not seen, the only good thing anyway seem to be the few minutes, where occur Minions. I thought. Until then, the Minions movie came… The Minions are already a phenomenon - actually I associate it more with „cineastischer“ Disappointment and yet I like it. So so individually, as figures. and the, even though they are actually only a fairly crude pouring creativity. taken MonoBlocks, one or two eyes on it, Vocabulary of a drunken Four Years - Fertsch! The Screen Junkies show again in her usual direct Honest TRAILER-Series, what it has all the Minion Mania and the bad film on itself. Bull's-eye!