The baby a Mutti from Florida has a sign from God shitting in his diapers, as DiaperGodShe on their Facebook wrote:

„Sometimes in our busy, Crazy, hectic lives, we forget how wonderful our God is. Today I feel as though he sent me a sign. Saying everything will be okay. I’m right here by your side.
This sign came in the oddest form. My babies poop. I went to Change his diaper, and he pooped a cross. It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I’d see it. In my babies diaper. lol. Hard to miss what’s right there in front of you. […]
We are one in love yes. Amen.
In the name of the Father, The Son, and if the Holy Ghost.
I believe all things are possible with God.“

Holy shit, indeed.