Since 33 Years fever anywhere in the world Astronomers this event and meet today Night is it finally time: A total lunar eclipse! But while the Earth's satellite is quite dark but not, but he shows up instead as deep red „Blutmond“. What actually happens in the sky and where one sees the spectacle best?


Who tonight on Monday gets up very early, can observe a total lunar eclipse in Central Europe. The Erdtrabant then shows itself as a Super Moon, since he in the night 28. September our planet is especially close and acts correspondingly large. In addition, it presents itself as a so-called „Blutmond“: The red glow originates from long-wavelength light, scattered by the earth's atmosphere into the shadow cone. A total lunar eclipse occurs, if Sun, Earth and Moon are in a row, the earth, the light of the sun and the moon so prevents located in the shadow of the Earth. The Full moon is that night of the earth 356'880 kilometers even the extremely close, so that this can cause flash floods and stresses in the Earth's crust. Anyone who wants to admire the climax of the hour-long shadow play only once briefly, should best set the alarm clock to half past four, because of 4:11 Clock up 5:24 Clock is the moon completely in the umbra: The darkness is total. The center is thus 4:47 Clock. However, the tension rises as early as 3:07 Clock, when the moon enters the umbra of the earth. That too Leave um of Kernschattens 6:27 Clock will be legible when. Last time it was in the 1982.

The special constellation has also launched doomsayers on the plan. Fundamentalist preachers say for the conclusion of darkness nibble the coming of the Lord and the doomsday ahead. They rely on a verse in the Book of Acts in the Bible, where it says: „The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, comes before the great and manifest day of the Lord.“ Another indication of this than Bloodmoon Prophecy became known prediction, that all four events of the current eclipse tetrad fell on a Jewish holiday. The first and third in the darkness 15. April 2014 and at 4. April 2015 fell on Passover and the second and final eclipse of 8. October 2014 and tonight fall on the Feast of Tabernacles. However, these characters can easily refute, On the one hand, the Jewish festive calendar depends on the lunar cycle, so special lunar events on Jewish holidays undoubtedly are not rare. Secondly fell these festivals, which also still could take several days, already repeatedly with a nibble together, the last time 1967/1968 - Without the world is equal perished.

Much effort to observe the spectacle is not necessary: Just to the southwest broadcast, a view from the window may be sufficient. Wer möchte, can pick up the binoculars. The moon will not go through the center of Earth's shadow, said Michael Khan from the control center of the European Space Agency (ESOC), „but only slightly below“ this line. The lunar eclipse could be observed practically everywhere equally well. Artificial light should interfere but. The sky spectacle is in good weather to its full length in many European countries, observable as well as in parts of Africa and America. In the far east of Europe, however, is only part of the darkness to see and not the entire course, because the moon after the onset of darkness goes down. Astronomers expect, that the end of the lunar eclipse as in the Baltic states and Romania are not likely to be observed. Even the weather should play according to the weather. In the pre-Alpine region, it could indeed have sporadically Cloud, in the rest of the Switzerland it should be mostly clear but.