Annually appear Beutler Ink an illustration and yes, only it is only one of drölftausend year flashbacks and summaries, but here is just connected to damn much creativity and wonderful compressed. Therefore it is a bit of a hidden object: Like many of the small allusions and annual themes can be discovered? This year is a graphic designer and cartoonist Luke McGarry responsible for the presentation of the events. 152 2015he he has stuff „hidden“, Movie about virals to news events. Should not you all can see - There is a listing of all Items. Prints you can also buy, currently for 14 Dollars each.

Face front, true believers! Beutler Ink has once again gathered the biggest stories of the past year—from soaring triumphs (Pluto flyby) to sobering tragedies (Paris attacks) to stomach-turning travesties (Go Set a Watchman)—and packaged them together into a single, sprawling illustration.

Here's to 2015