„Hell or High Water“ wore at the beginning nor the working title „Comancheria“. This word refers to a region, which extends over New Mexico and West Texas and the front 1860 was populated by the Indian tribe of the Comanches. the new, final title „Hell or High Water“ however, refers to the English phrase „come hell or high water“ (wortwortlich: „may the Höllle or flood come“), what in the Transferred means something like „get, what may“. The script was written by Taylor Sheridan (Hitman) and landed in 2012 – then under the name Comancheria – a winner at the top of the blacklist of Hollywood's most popular unverfilmten screenplays. The Director of „Hell or High Water“ took the Briton David Mackenzie, the previously still in „Walls of violence“ (2011) dealt with the inner workings of a prison and how through films „Perfect Sense“ (2013) and „Young Adam“ (2003) had acquired a reputation.

In crime drama a divorced father and his freshly released from prison brother forging a desperate plan, to save their family farm in West Texas: Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster) want several banks raided and prevent the money obtained in this way, that their heavily indebted home including lands reverts to the state. But the criminal acts of the course do not go unnoticed. the two brothers from Texas Ranger Marcus Quick are (Jeff Bridges) and its Partner targeted. But it's really for Tanner and Toby Option, to let snatch of the law enforcement?