Havenhurst - Poster

„Havenhurst“ is the new horror by SAW creators „Twisted Pictures“. Since the end of the seven-part Jigsaw saga it was around the studio behind the brand increasingly quiet. This is now to be with the horror thriller“ Havenhurst“ in the tradition of the genre classic „Toolbox Murders“ change. In the film of Andrew C. Erin pulls Jackie (Julie Benz), a woman with alcohol problems, in the ready-apartment complex Havenhurst. In addition to many quirky inhabitants discovered Jackie, still from the loss of their 8 year-old daughter has suffered, but also a mystery, that seems to be associated with the many disappearances in the nearby area. Soon after, she must then not only fight their own demons, but also those, who live in the old walls of Havenhurst. In other roles are Fionnula Flanagan, Dannielle Harris, Josh Stamberg and to see Belle Shouse…

HAVENHURST Trailer (2016) Evil Apartment Building