Sarah Connor - Linda Hamilton

Happy Birthday Linda Hamilton! Today, the 26. September, the actress who plays Sarah Connor from the first two Terminator films cult 60 Years old. The first two Terminator films brought her world fame. What would „Terminator“ and „Terminator 2 - Day of reckoning“ been without? If anyone can perform the role of Sarah Connor as Linda? Not likely. Especially in the second part has on the side of Arnold Schwarzenegger really shined, not as in need of protection Tussi, but as a one-woman-army. Despite the toughness she never has her feminine side Lost and demonstrates in an impressive way, that the character of Sarah Connor is you just passed in body and soul, not just an x-arbitrary appearance was, the times was borne off briefly without meaning and depth.

Despite their great success, they would have to make a lot more out of their career, because her filmography reads but definitely very mixed. Surely it has to start with „children des Zorns“ and even „Terminator“ made the right decisions, As for the choice of what roles, because the works are, still everyone knows today. But with films such as „King Kong lebt“ they could not consolidate their reputation and not because of Linda, which their services were always well. That she understands her craft, evidenced by the many awards, they could reap in their career. For the role of Catherine in the series „Beauty and the Beast“ hailed it honors and nominations, For „Terminator 2 - Day of reckoning“ anyway and the performance in the TV movie „A Mother's Prayer“ were praised. Unfortunately, there was still always silent around them, In „Dante’s Peak“, alongside Pierce Brosnan, Linda still played the leading role in arguably one of the best disaster movies, but after that, however, we could see them only rarely in popular films.

Presumably the filmmakers have any roles offered, equal to their size and yet it is admirable, as it still makes more and more, it can not be beaten and diligently continues to rotate. With luck, they also got a role in a movie, which is more than pure money-making, For example, in the quite successful „Missing in America“. And appearances in the series „According to Jim“, „Chuck“ or „Weeds - Weeds“, however small they may sometimes be, are always a cause for celebration. And that is why I wish for her future once again a part in a movie, is their skills accessible and perhaps even build on the wedding of her career. Even if that does not work anymore, but it remains always Sarah Connor, the mother of the future leader of mankind in the struggle against the domination of machines – and that's not too bad. For this reason here as a small tribute to the following clip of Sarah Connor in T2.