1957 was the picture book- and cartoon character „The Little Mole“ invented by Czech artist Zdenek Miler by accident when searching for a new cartoon character. Bored by the scripts of Prague Animation Studios is looking for a new figure Miler. Black fur, red nose and exactly three hairs on his head. His milestone anniversary celebrating the Little Mole almost unchanged.

„Lange I lacked the right idea. I then went for a walk. In a meadow I stumbled suddenly about something. That was a molehill. I cheered and told me. Yes that's the idea – a mole.“ said Miler 2006 on Czech Radio. The very first film „How the mole got his pants“ received on the film festival in Venice Silver Lion. The breakthrough occurs. Television stations are lining up to the little mole to adopt. But the new star in the international Cartoons sky had a language problem at the beginning., for he said, czech. In the following years, the Little Mole therefore remained silent. Without words, only with the Baby sounds his children wird Mole – as it is called in Czech – understood in the world. More than 40 Books and 50 Films produced in the coming decades.


After the fall of the Iron Curtain Zdeněk Miler earned a small fortune. The marketing of T-Shirts, Plush toys and coffee mugs is still a good deal. The life humble artist had never been interested in the business affairs. More important than money and fame Zdenek Miler was always the success with the children. After the death of Zdeněk Miler 2011 aged 90 Years begins a dirty inheritance dispute between his family and the former manager. since 60 happy years „The Little Mole“ with his witty films and books children and adults, which are also grown up with him. I also loved him as a child in. Happy Birthday!