Halloween: Jason Blum dares restart with John Carpenter

Blumhouse, the studio behind such films as „The Purge“ and „Paranormal Activity“ goes with Miramax and promoted cooperation horror-Icon Michael Myers returns to the big screen. In this successful producer Jason Blum is not the only genre specialist, monitors the project, but none other than John Carpenter himself, Director and composer of the original, is responsible as executive producer. but not enough so, because the old master of horror will also act as a senior advisor and may contribute even the soundtrack to restart. Also Producer Malek Akkad is again at the start. Yet they had even no idea, what story to the new Halloween will tell, However, one plane, return the franchise back to its roots. Especially creepy and disturbing it is to be: „Halloween must find the old tradition“, John Carpenter said at a press event. „In my view, the films gradually out of sight Lost. Michael Myers is not a simple man, He is a force of nature. This is what makes him so scary“, so the filmmakers and musicians continue. Blum House will remain true for the rest and produce a movie, which relies on a moderate budget. According to Carpenter, the need to be so: „We have realized the original for very little money. At the heart of it is a good and scary story, acting even today. And now, 38 years later, I will make the most scariest movie of the whole series“, assured the Americans. But when now awaits us Michael Myers on the big screen? Also on Team Blum House had an answer. Accordingly, you Visors a US theatrical release in October 2017 an. First, it was the intention, the film 2018 and surrendered to match the 40-year anniversary.

Thus, the team still needed of course creative directors and writers, the horror icon worthy. Ideally, find the prerequisite skills all in one and the same person. As is clear from recent reports, to Blum House are interested in a collaboration with director and Drehbuchator Mike Flanagan. Although there is a formal commitment for its part of, logically the occupation would be through the „Oculus“- and „Hush“-But all creators. Flanagan already cooperated repeatedly with Blum House, last for the upcoming sequel „Ouija 2“. Next „I know, What You Did Last Summer“ could the filmmaker thus soon Michael Myers breathe new life into and bring the killer machine with a new look to the canvas. It will do this in October 2017. Old master John Carpenter acts as executive producer, Consultants and can possibly even to persuade, to compose the soundtrack. to be located also in the running for the coveted post director Adam Wingard. His breakthrough came in the Americans with the merciless Home invasion thriller „You’re Next“, anschließssend followed for contributions „V / H / S“ and „V/H/S 2“ as well as „The Guest“ and the upcoming „The Woods“, Lions Gate Films brings to theaters this September.

Halloween: Jason Blum dares restart with John Carpenter - composer