DBD: One In A Million – Guns N’ Roses

Arte showed recently the documentation „Guns N‘ Roses - The most dangerous band in the world“, has collected a lot of unreleased material from the early days of the band for director Jon Brewer. The film you can watch below, or even up to and including the 15. October in the Arte library.

began on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles 1985 the story of a band, which was to become one of the most successful of all time: Guns N‘ Roses! The hard rock band to Axl Rose and Slash changed the history of rock music with their uncompromising sound. The epithet "most dangerous band in the world" was deserved. Tumult, Escapades and concert discontinuations were for touring Folklore, but also the absolute will, to live through the depths of the rock 'n' roll to excess.