Ash vs. Evil Dead is an American Comedy-horror-Series, based on the Evil Dead trilogy of Sam Raimi. The plot is about a three decades after the events of Evil Dead trilogy. 30 Years have passed since Ash was the dance of the devils to witness - enough time so, to grow up. Now the hero of his responsibilities and has had to go back to that place, where he met the evil demons restarted, because a devilish plague threatens, to destroy the whole of humanity. It soon, however, firmly Ash, that he not only against dark forces in the War draws, but also has to overcome an inner demons, to his own species to protect them from destruction.

The teaser does not reveal too much, but definitely looks Groovy from! In autumn, the series is in the US&A run of the boob tube, what it looks like with us, is written in the stars. Thanks to the internetwork but definitely not a problem… ;)