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And „The man in the mountains“ Haggerty is dead. The American actor died at the age of 74 Years in Los Angeles from cancer. Those who lived through the 70s, knows him mainly from the series „The man in the mountains“. I loved as a child this Outlaw, the alone in the wild with the animals of the forest, especially Grizzly Ben, his peace sought. Now he is gone.

Grizzly Adams: "Der Mann in den Bergen" died

In recent weeks, the world had to say goodbye to successively Stars, where the cancer was fatal. Only died Motörhead frontman Lemmy, then world star David Bowie and on Thursday even the actors and „Harry Potter“-Star Alan Rickman. Although Dan Haggerty never had a similarly great visibility as these three, yet the older among us will Semster him probably from the series „The man in the mountains“ know. In it, he was a long-haired and bearded hermit James „Grizzly“ see Adams, who fled to the mountains, having been convicted of a crime, he did not commit. In the wild, he builds a new life.

Grizzly Adams: "Der Mann in den Bergen" died

Loud „TMZ“ is Haggerty in the early hours of 15. died in January in a hospital in Los Angeles. He did leave before be treated for months against cancer, who had discovered his doctors, as they searched for a reason for his back pain. His family and closest friends had adopted at the bedside in the past few days he – so right now the end had already been, TMZ reported. Haggerty was married twice and had three children. At the beginning of his acting career, he had roles in „Muscle Beach Party“ and in Elvis Presley Film „Girl Happy“ (The curve-Lilly). He worked as an actor, Animal trainer and stuntman u.a. auch in Ron Elys TV-Show „Tarzan“.

Grizzly Adams: "Der Mann in den Bergen" died

Haggerty began his acting career with small roles in the 60s. Also in the cult film „Easy Rider“ he appears or gave the rocker in „Pink Angels“. In his career Haggerty was always to see again in TV series and films, has also guest starred in popular television series, thereunder „Chips“ and „Three angels for Charlie“, But after „The man in the mountains“ was no longer matters including any greater priority. In the 70s, probably due to the increasing environmental awareness and the „Back-to-Nature-Philosophie“ the hippie movement, beamed NCB the 37teilige series „The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams“ from. This drew a kind of natural utopia, in which humans and animals, represented by dropouts James Adams and his grizzly Ben, together in harmony.

Grizzly Adams: "Der Mann in den Bergen" died

James „Grizzly“ Adams flees, after he was convicted of a crime, he did not commit, in the mountains of Northern California. Life in the wild only appears not just him, but then nature sends him a teacher: Adams saves on his way a bear cub, which grows up to be his companion and shows him, has to offer nature at edibles. Adams gives him the name Ben, after his big role model Benjamin Franklin. With Ben as faithful companions, he soon realizes, that the wilderness is a generous host and those sympathetic, living with it and not against it. Not only Ben, but also the other Animals recognize in Adams and a friend lose their Fear in front of him.

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„The man in the mountains“ is television become back-to-nature philosophy, showing such a utopian picture of life in the wild, that one can not help but, to envy about Grizzly Adams, that he can stroke bears and deer lie down beside him on the grass to sleep. The title song „Maybe“ by Thom Pace, stormed the charts in Europe, made it clear Refrain, what it was in the series:

there’s a world where we don’t have to run
there’s a time we’ll call our own
Livin‘ free in harmony and majesty
take me home

can take quite so seriously to the series today no longer really. The appeal of the carefree life in the beauty of nature, it was, which accounted for the series. Me and millions of people inspired the television adventures of Ben and Adams, they experienced with Trapper Mad Jack with his stubborn ass number seven and the Indians Nakoma. These adventures usually consisted of a threat to friends and random acquaintances, the fall in emergencies and threats, the Adams mastered alone and with the assistance of other. Unlike other Western series this time was generally omitted violence and the use of firearms. Rather, it is on issues related to family, Hunting, repopulation by „white“ received and conflicts with the local Indian tribes and they are now exactly the same date, as they were then, even if the colors of nature photos (s. Above 1. Episode) appear faded today. Thanks Dan, for your Outlaw. Thank you, for the beautiful moments. I'll never forget you. Mach’s gut…