The short film „Greedy Germ“ is animated beautifully and comes from Fang Yu Hsu and Cheng Hao Chen, which not in vain with a reddot Award 2015 have been awarded. A small world of even smaller bacteria, the first from a mixture of „Once upon a time life“ and „Dumb Ways To Die“ recalls. But then closing with „sweet“, because a greedy villain comes along and wants to devour everything morbidly.

Through the example of the destroyed life structures of the creatures in the film, ‚Greedy Germ‘ wants to illustrate that obtaining power is always linked to having a direct effect on society. Abusing power as well as blindly following orders will inevitably lead to injustice. The film aims to point out the significance of the actions of each individual and thus the responsibility they have for the next generation.