Unterhaltsam animierter Kurzfilm des CGI-Studenten des The Animation Workshop im dänischen Viborg, showing, how embarrassing it may be, wenn die Familie öffentlich ins Spiel kommt. Gerade in der Pubertät. Da bewegt man sich in einem knallharten Umfeld und plötzlich kommt Oma, to abzukneten a vollgespuckten handkerchief cheek. But that can also be epic… More about the project can be found on their own tumblr to see.

As Lulu graduates from the Hero Academy, he finally gets the chance to prove himself a hero to the society that has always doubted him. He sets off on an epic journey to slay the legendary and terrifying dragon. But to his great despair, His Sweet and over-caring grandma decides to join him, and what should have been an epic journey full of freedom, blood and beautiful ladies becomes a family trip that will test Lulu’s nerves to their very Limit.

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Grandma's Hero