While allegedly Ozzy Osburne, KISS, Rammstein, Slipknot and who-knows-I-still-not-all brutalized our youth, Helene Fischer leads adults to gesellschaftsgefährdendem behavior, as the example from Hennigsdorf shows.

Mercilessly through the night: After Helene Fischer Party Woman attacks police

Recently, in Hennigsdorf (Oberhavel) celebrated an ordinary Helene Fischer Sause. the Music was obviously very noisy until the morning at two o'clock. Only then called the truly troubled and apparently did very sentient neighbors – My God, please whoever holds so long from? – the police, which then also immediately arrived. On the previous knocking the long-suffering neighbors polluters noise did not react.

Upon arrival of the officers, the apartment owner has repeatedly asked, to turn the music down. This invitation they did not come, so that the officers entered the apartment and had to turn it down even. Als sie die Wohnung verlassen hatten, turned the 50-year-old music immediately louder and tried, to close the still open door.

As a police officer tried, To prevent this, took the 50-year-old it even on the collar and tried, force to pull it out the door.

Friends, we therefore note, that Helene Fischer is thus officially society hazardous and leads to riotous behavior, whereas in principle first times there is no objection. But but please not with this sound!!!