SortD is preparing to, to facilitate users of Gmail to handle their mailbox through an integrated to-do list. This is of course not new, For example, solutions such as mailbox or mail pilot who after all specialized, to bring the welter of emails in order and to derive more or less good object systems. But Gmail users want to use their emails as possible through the familiar Web interface, the latter is fast, provides universal access and was of Google equipped with exciting features. Round solutions for creating to-do lists you look so far but in vain.

Sortd for GMail

SortD allowed users, her mailbox like the Kanban method to transform it into a to-do list - directly in the web interface and in the mailbox. If e-mails so do not answers and immediately archived, can easily be dragged and drop as work packages to an adjacent column view this. Users can title this column view any, move and even set your own colors. Also convenient is the possibility, rename original subject lines of emails in ToDo list - finally can not be derived from each subject immediately a concrete task. So organized emails can also supplemented with notes, be answered in the list or postponed with a snooze.


SortD makes a really good impression, Man invents, that enlargement is currently still in a closed test phase. SortD is free and only users of Google Chrome reserved. However, the extension can effortlessly over a Registration stating the e-mail address install. Then SortD can now at least make the web interface for more productivity, on the smartphone is a demand of the to-do list that is not yet possible. According to the developers are already working on a solution but.

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