The Lake Berryessa in Northern California Napa County has a special drainage system. he fills up excessively, the excess water will disappear in a huge overflow, the „Morning Glory Spillway“ ie, by the residents but „Glory Hole“ is called. The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of an XXL version of the expiry, as we know it from the bathtub. That the Lake Berryessa is overfull, comes in drought-stricken California very rare. The last time it was nearly a decade ago the case. Since then lay the 21 Meter wide overflow in the dry. A record amount of rain, that has fallen since the beginning of, has now changed. the 60 Meter was deep shaft 1997 become a 41-year-old local resident undoing. She swam too close to the Morning Glory Spillway zoom and fell in his wake. They should, according to eyewitnesses still around 20 have kept minutes at the edge of the funnel, before being dragged down and drowned.