Certainly everyone knows „Gremlins – Kleine Monster“, a film of the year 1984, and turns like a bomb. 1990 got the story about the little Mogwai, the after midnight nothing essen may, no sunlight vertrögt and never must not get wet with „Gremlins 2 - The return of the little monsters“ a continuation. And now it is clear! There will be a third part. So it looks like the old Quantcast. It is part of 3 but no reboot, but a direct continuation, which will begin many years after the second part. On one Trailer but we'll have to wait a little longer, there except rumors about a Godzilla-Mogwai (which do not agree hopefully), nix is. But a trailer would probably screw up the mood anyway – so at this point just a little happy dance! Speaking about the Christmas holidays the two parts usually come in TV. So the television keep an eye… ;)

Gizmo is back: Gremlins - Kleine Monster gets a sequel
(via /Film)