If you google Escort Service, be more than 2,5 Displaying million results. Including the page „Girls of Paradise„, where lascivious looking, seminude Women loll and offer their services. At first glance, a platform like many others. The visitors are just one click of the alleged „Paradise“ the online world of women away. They believe anyway.

For want once the website visitor chooses a woman and establish contact, he gets the cruel truth to face: Immediately after contacting the appalling fate of the escort ladies are announced. There are bruising, To see disfigurement and despair of the female victims, mostly deported, were raped and forced an early age into prostitution and finally murdered by suitors.

Behind „Girls of Paradise“ put a shock campaign of French human rights organization „The Mouvement du Nid“ and the Agency McCann Paris. The award-winning Kamp Ange wanted to give the abused victims a voice and so make the suitors deterrent prostitution everyday conscious. „The purpose of this campaign is, uncover the truth behind this system, are to show that the prostitution environment is violent and customers accomplices and sometimes even directly responsible for this violence“, Riccardo sagt Fregoso, McCann Paris, Executive Creative Director over the In&in. This contacting awareness campaign a heavy topic is set in motion, which was often hushed in past. The organization wants to galvanize the public and make a mark.