Friends, könnt ihr von „The Walking Dead“ not get enough? The Sally Corporation of the US&A developed initial ideas and animations to a theme park for the series. Einen Käufer gibt es dafür noch nicht – aber wenn die Serie weiterhin so ein hype bleibt, chances are not determined poor, that such a theme park is realized.

Many famous movie studios such as Universal, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate try, aus dem Erfolg ihrer beliebtesten Filme und TV-Shows auch kommerziell so viel wie möglich herauszuholen. Neben allen möglichen denkbaren Goodies, DVD-Specials und Spin-Offs gehören hierzu always öfter auch themenbasierte Freizeitparks. So for example, there already attractions on Sons of Anarchy, The Hunger Games (The Tribute of Panem) or Titanic, these are often part of an existing theme parks.

On the IAAPA 2015 (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Convention) Orlando now presented, which specializes in horror trips and tricks Company Sally Corporation a new concept entitled „The Walking Dead: Battle for Survival“ before. It it were according to the company by a „drive, where thanks to the use of various media known places and characters from the TV series will appear and using a combination of different live animation and projection effects a lot of frightening moments to be done“.

with the following Video the first Walker this concept was presented at the IAAPA convention. Wie Designer Rich Hill erklärte, is the goal of this park, offer even more creepy ride than many other theme parks, was somit leider auch nicht für alle Altersgruppen geeignet sei, even if the ick factor of the series will slightly lowered. How to tell the creators continue, gebe es zwar noch keine fixe Location für diesen neuen Themenpark, doch erklärte HiIl weiter, that they put just in negotiations, um ebenfalls Teil eines noch grösseren Freizeitparks zu werden. Das Konzept für den Park sei jedenfalls schon „completely finished“, man warte quasi nur noch auf einen Käufer, so those responsible with pride.