I like it!

Finally makes the TRAILER something really! Wir sehen nämlich Geister! Und das finde ich sehr schön für so einen Film, where it actually comes, this hunt successful. Tatsächlich ist da aber auch always much annoying slapstick, coupled with inappropriate jokes, there. Unfortunately. The humor does not to me, der war für mich beim Original auch noch nie ausschlaggebend, but the interaction with a loose, although, aber tatsächlich gruseligen Atmosphäre. And as you can see in the new trailer, seems also given. but Goofy is already back, das Rowan aka das wildgewordene Ghostbusters-Logo und Bösewicht des Films, in his first appearance directly times must overturn a skyscraper. Well a little reminder, if anyone has forgotten in what decade we live. Aber alles in allem könnte das vielleicht doch was werden. I believe in Internet the people are divided into several camps, there are the „Iiiih“-Mädchen-Leute, the „Ouch, fully in the Childhood“-fraction, the positive pessimists (es könnte noch viel schlimmer sein) and probably here and there a few people, who rejoice from whole heart to this movie, but which no one I met. But there must be it, logic dictates their existence…

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GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer #2 (2016) Supernatural Comedy Movie HD