„Backwoods“ or just „Geek“ is a small, cheaper and rather unknown representative of horror-Genres, the nevertheless quite be described as atmospheric and initially appear despite, in reality, however, is not ineffective precisely because of its more moderate pace. The majority of the playing time used the film thereon, to establish his Backwood setting, not least works well thanks to the very credible acting Dick Kreusser. Probably still requires a pronounced taste for this genre, to Backwoods so to like. Opposite the miserable reviews in the various film databases on the net I find Backwoods precisely because of its unglamorous nature beautiful, especially as the compatible perfectly with the Hinterland Sujet, the off-time fallenness, which the Backwood genre yes always addressed, as aptly reflects how the banality, with the sometimes breaks the misfortune to life. Backwoods is certainly no magic moment of its genre, but one of these small contributions, about their (Again-)Discovery I am happy and contribute furthermore to, to construct the genre as such only.

GEEK aka Backwoods (1986) - Full Movie

Karen (Christine Noonan) and her friend, the doctor Jamie (Brad Armacost), take a bike ride to the hinterland of Kentucky, to spend a romantic camping weekend. They meet the Hillbilly Eben (Dick Kreusser), its accident-damaged daughter Beth Jamie saves the life of a courageous tracheotomy. As the couple's invitation quirky backwoodsman follows, guess not both, that they will do soon unpleasant acquaintance with Ebens degenerate son William. The is held by his father imprisoned in a wooden crate, because he has the nasty habit, Small animals bite off the head…