In the summer of this year was the National Council the new BÜPF (Federal Law on the Surveillance of Post- and Telecommunications) adopted. On this day, the politicians have decided, that all citizens are criminal and therefore of Police, Military and Gehiemdienst must be completely monitored. Selects these politicians from and give them the 18. October voiceless!

We do not need such politicians and we, the citizens of Switzerland, have it now in hand, deselect these politicians. Because this new business model to Big Data is always greater. With BÜPF each firm can buy even more data on the Swiss citizens and their employees. For now, Migros accurately detect, that Mr. Doe buys his yogurt in Coop and Migros and not for his bank, the Migros Bank. So Migros know that Mr. Doe has a sexually transmitted disease (Health insurance) and a Porsche driving (Insurance). Or employers may buy the data and wissen hence, where one has talked to whom and where you shop what. He sees your bank account and your insurance coverage and because you too much candy and too little Sport have driven, your reward is shortened. It all sounds a bit hard, and it is also, because currently, of course, such use is in the negative, but what about in a few years from? New possibilities open up new desires. The following politicians who voted for the new BÜPF and so decided, that we are all criminals and 100% must be monitored:

Aebi Andreas – SVP
Aebischer Matthias – SP
Allemann Evi – SP
Amaudruz Celine - SVP
Amherd Viola – CVP
Badran Jacqueline – SP
Barazzone Guillaume - CVP
Bertschy Kathrin - GLP
Birreria-Tribe Prisca - SP
Toni Bortoluzzi - SVP
Bourgeois Jacques – FDP
Brand Heinz – SVP
Jakob Büchler - CVP
André Bugnon - SVP
Bulliard Marbach Christine - CVP
Plump Yannick - CVP
Candinas Martin CVP
Caroni Andrea - FDP
Cassis Ignazio – FDP
Clottu Raymond – SVP
Dominique de Buman - CVP
Corina Eichenberger-Walther - FDP
Feller Olivier – FDP
Doris Fiala - FDP
Fischer Roland – GLP
Flach Beat – GLP
French Olivier - FDP
Fridez Pierre-Alain - SP
Galladé Chantal – SP
Gasche Urs – BDP
Gasser Josias F. – GLP
Jean-René Germanier - FDP
Glanzmann-Hunkeler Ida – CVP
Alois Gmür - CVP
Roger Golay - mcr
Gössi Petra - FDP
Grin Jean-Pierre - SVP
Great Jürg - GLP
Gschwind Jean-Paul – CVP
Guhl Bernhard – BDP
Hansjörg Hassler - BDP
Hausammann Markus – SVP
Heer Alfred – SVP
Hess Lorenz – BDP
Hiltpold Hugues - FDP
Gabi Huber - FDP
Humbel Ruth – CVP
Thomas Hurter - SIP
Maja Ingold - EVP
Rudolf Hell - SVP
Jositsch Daniel – SP
Kessler Margrit - GLP
Landolt Marting - BDP
Markus Lehmann - CVP
Lohr Christian – CVP
Lüscher Christian - FDP
Ruedi Lustenberger - CVP
Mayor Jacques-André - SP
Mark Walder Christa - FDP
Masshardt Nadine – SP
Lucrezia Meier-Schatz - CVP
Giovanni Merlini - FDP
Monnard Pierre-André – FDP
Moser Tiana Angelina – GLP
Müller Leo – CVP
Philipp Müller - FDP
Müller Thomas – SVP
Walter Müller - FDP
Müller-Altermatt Stefan - CVP
Müri Felix – SVP
Jacques Neirynck - CVP
Nordmann Roger - SP
Parmelin Guy – SVP
Pezzatti Bruno - FDP
Pfister Gerhard - CVP
Piers Nadja - SVP
Portmann Hans-Peter - FDP
Rosmarie dials - BDP
Regazzi Fabio - CVP
Reimann Maximilian - SVP
Natalie Rickli Simone - SVP
Riklin Kathy – CVP
Markus Ritter - CVP
Romano Marco – CVP
Rösti Albert – SVP
Ruiz Rebecca Ana – SP
Gregor Rutz - SVP
Schillinger Peter - FDP
Schläfli Urs - CVP
Schmid-Federer Barbara – CVP
Schneeberger Daniela - FDP
Schneider Schüttel Ursula – SP
Schneider-Schneiter Elisabeth – CVP
Schwaab Jean Christophe – SP
Siegenthaler Heinz - BDP
Jürg Stahl - SVP
Pride Daniel - FDP
Streiff-Feller Marianne – CVP
Tschäppät Alexander - SP
Tschümperlin Andy – SP
Pierre-François Veillon - SVP
Vitali Albert – FDP
Vogler Karl – CSP-OW
Erich von Siebenthal - SVP
Walter Hansjörg – SVP
Wasserfallen Christian - FDP
Weibel Thomas - CAP
Winkler Rudolf – BDF
Wobmann Walter – SVP

Here gibts incidentally the exact voting protocol and this list may be divided like everywhere, so are also friends in the picture. Just to the top of the page and select the media (Facebook, Twitter, Mail, etc.) select and set an example.