For eponymous “lucky day” are new gameplay scenes from the official Spieleversoftung “Friday the 13th: The Game” been published. In almost two minutes long Preview-TRAILER We look this time Jason Voorhees himself over his shoulder, as he does again hunting helpless Teens, actually wanted to spend a warm summer night at the infamous Crystal Lake. In the game, the summer to 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course PC users appear, players assume either the role of a victim or Jason Voorhees. Both are diverse Weapons and aids available, to the other side to send to bloodthirsty possible way to the afterlife. Developed the game, the blessing of Friday the 13th-creator Sean S. Cunningham has, of Gun Media, IllFonic and Crystal Lake Entertainment. I'm looking forward to it, just as Cunningham: “Es war always a dream of mine, the players are Jason to leave and to chase the Camper, the prowl at Camp Crystal Lake.”